Filthy rich is an idiom that describes someone wealthy. It can also be used to describe something as repulsive, dirty, or disgusting. This term has its roots in the Middle Ages where the wealthy had their clothes washed by people that were considered lower class. These people would then use dirty water to wash the clothes and be considered filthy rich for doing so.

An idiom that is often used to describe someone who is wealthy and has a lot of money is “filthy rich.” This phrase could be used to describe someone who is so wealthy, they do not need to work for their money, much like the British royal family.

The filthy rich idiom is typically used in reference to people that have a lot of money. The idiom is often used when talking about the lifestyle or possessions that come with having a lot of money.

The term “filthy rich” can be used to describe someone who has enormous wealth, or is very wealthy. It’s an idiom describing a person who has so much money that they are able to afford luxuries.


A fine kettle of fish is an idiom that can be used to describe any difficult situation. It comes from the phrase “a fine kettle of fish” meaning a bad situation, which is derived from the British expression “a fair stand-up fight.

A “fine kettle of fish” is an expression for a difficult situation, typically one created by oneself. This is typically used in reference to the phrase, “a fine mess (one) has gotten (oneself) into.

The idiom “to have a fine kettle of fish” means to have a difficult task in front of you.

In this idiom, a “fine kettle of fish” refers to a difficult situation. The phrase may have been derived from the English expression “a nice bit of fish,” which can refer to a great catch. It is usually used to express annoyance or frustration with the current state of affairs.

A common English idiom, “fine kettle of fish,” typically refers to a difficult situation.


A fine-tooth comb is a method of finding something by examining every detail. The phrase originates from the practice of finding lice by combing through someone’s hair with a fine tooth comb.

The phrase “fine-tooth comb” is used to describe a detailed search, typically one in which the searcher inspects every object they come across. In this way, they are looking for an answer or detail they might have missed at first glance. For instance, if someone were looking for a lost earring and had looked on the floor and under their bed with no luck, using a fine-tooth comb may help them find it.

The phrase “fine-tooth comb” has been popularly employed to describe a process of thorough inspection or investigation, typically in a figurative sense. In this sense, the individual being inspected is being examined from head to toe for any defects, flaws, or blemishes that might have gone unnoticed. This phrase can be used to describe a poker player who needs to win back his money and goes through all of his hand carefully in order to find a way out.

A major step in any investigation is to search for all potential evidence. One way to do this is to comb the area with a fine-tooth comb looking for clues. The phrase can also refer to searching something very thoroughly, as it might be expected that the person performing the search will be thorough and not overlook anything small.

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