How to Learn American English Idioms (Article 31)

Learning idioms in American English is often a challenge for English learners and native speakers alike. Idioms are common phrases that express a relationship between two concepts that is not obvious from the literal meaning of the words. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the 7 steps that will help you to learn idioms in American English.

STEP 1: Know Your Target Audience

The first step is understanding who you are teaching. Are you an ESL student or a non-native speaker?

If you’re an ESL student, then you need to target your audience by using ESL resources and materials.

If you’re a non-native speaker, then you need to know what American idioms mean to your target audience.

Knowing this information will help you find idioms that are relevant and understandable.

STEP 2: Study the Target Language

The second step is studying the target language. This includes listening, reading, and speaking the target language.

You should learn to speak American English using authentic materials, such as television shows and movies.

This will allow you to practice listening, reading, and speaking idioms in a natural context.

STEP 3: Choose the Right Resources

The third step is choosing the right resources. There are many online resources for learning American English idioms.

Here are some of my top choices:

– List of American English Idioms

– Learn American English Idioms

– American English Idiom Dictionary

STEP 4: Practice, Practice, Practice!

The fourth step is practicing, practicing, practicing.

Make it a habit to watch TV shows, movies, and listen to songs.

This will help you to memorize the idioms you learn from the resources above.

STEP 5: Ask for Feedback

The fifth step is asking for feedback.

Ask your friends and family members for feedback on what you learn from the resources above.

They will give you useful tips and suggestions to improve your learning.

STEP 6: Write Down Your Progress

The sixth step is writing down your progress.

I recommend that you write down all of the American English idioms that you learn in a notebook or a spreadsheet.

This will help you to remember the idioms and how to use them in your target language.

STEP 7: Review Your Progress

The seventh step is reviewing your progress.

After a few months or years, take a look at your notebook or spreadsheet to see if you’ve improved your knowledge of American English idioms. Thanks for reading!

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