Chat Room

Here is our official chat room that allows up to 500 website visitors to chat in audio/video/text. This is a great opportunity for our visitors to practice communicating in English, practicing American English Idioms, and collaborating with others. The more you write in English, the better your writing becomes. We will also use this conference room for our American English Conferences, Webinars, Live Chats, and Live Streaming events. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR CHAT ROOM/CONFERENCE ROOM

What is a Chat Room?

— A chat room is a virtual meeting place where people can communicate in the form of online text messages. A chat room may facilitate text-based discussion on a particular topic, or provide a means for Internet users to socialize.

— A chat room is a place where people chat with the other members of the room. These rooms are places where internet users can meet and talk to one another through a variety of different channels. The most common chat rooms are about specific topics such as knitting, child rearing, or carpentry, but they can be about anything the user wishes. Chat rooms take many forms including web-based chat programs which use a graphical interface and live video chatrooms for real time interaction.

— A chat room is a computer-based system where people can log in and communicate in real time using text. Chat rooms are often organized around a particular topic which allows for seamless transitions between conversations. A chat room may be open, semi-closed, or closed depending on the type of access granted to users. Separate channels are also sometimes created for different topics to allow more focused discussion.

— A chat room is a type of website which typically offers instant messaging, video chat, and group chat facilities, however most people use them to look for role players. It is also a place where most cyber abuse occurs.

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