Welcome to American English Idioms: Lesson 2. In this lesson you have 3 American English idioms to read, listen to, translate, and pronounce in English. Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your knowledge of American English idioms. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

Directions 1: Watch the video 2 or more times, and pay close attention to the audio and text.

Directions 2: Read the following text in English, then translate it using the translator on this page into your language if needed. When you finish, feel free to write a comment in the comments section below and let us know how you feel about what you’ve learned, as well as what you’ve learned.

ACID TEST the most crucial or important test of worth

1. Parents might be willing to buy this new toy for their children but the real acid test is whether or not the children themselves like it.

2. The acid test for laundry soap is not how well it cleans in hot water, but how well it cleans in cold water.

The expression originates from the use of nitric acid on gold to determine whether the gold was genuine.

ACROSS THE BOARD equally for everyone, for everything, or in all cases

1. The boss made some people angry. He gave 5% pay raises across the board but some people thought they should have gotten more than others.

2. The car dealership was cutting prices across the board. Every car was on sale, not just a few.

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS the things that people do (actions) are more important than the things they say (words)

1. She’s promised to be nicer to her sister from now on, but actions speak louder than words.

2. Every politician will claim that he or she cares about the problems of the average person, but actions speak louder than words.

This expression implies that we can learn about a person’s true intentions by looking at what they do rather than what they say.

1 thought on “ACID TEST, ACROSS THE BOARD, and ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS: American English Idioms #2”

  1. Hello , Hind from Iraq .
    Across the board , equally for everyone , for every thing , in all case .
    Iraqi political did not use his power across the board for Iraqi people

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