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Directions 1: Watch the video 2 or more times, and pay close attention to the audio and text.

Directions 2: Read the following text in English, then translate it using the translator on this page into your language if needed. When you finish, feel free to write a comment in the comments section below and let us know how you feel about what you’ve learned, as well as what you’ve learned.


This phrase refers to a difficult situation that someone must endure. The idiom is often used when discussing something that is difficult for the individual or when referring to a disappointment in life. It also stems from a biblical reference in the New Testament, where Jesus refers to swallowing a bitter pill of knowledge.

The phrase “bitter pill to swallow” is used to describe the unpleasant acceptance of an unpleasant truth or event.

The phrase “hard pill to swallow”, on the other hand, is used to reference a tough choice that must be made.

Who has not experienced something unpleasant or unexpected that they find difficult to deal with? There are many cases in which we find ourselves in a situation where we must confront and process a difficult and often negative event. One such situation might be the death of a loved one; we do not anticipate this happening, but when it does, we must come to terms with our feelings about it and how it will affect us. Another instance can be an unexpected change in circumstances such as losing one’s job.

A bitter pill to swallow is an unpleasant reality to find oneself faced with. Such a situation can be anything from an opposing political view, to an unfavorable outcome in a sporting event. There are instances where the outcome of the game or decision has an integral effect on someone’s life, and that person would experience it as something difficult to deal with.

Sometimes, the reality of the situation is so difficult to deal with that it becomes a bitter or hard pill to swallow. The metaphor can be taken literally or figuratively. It can be used to describe food that tastes bad, as in “This pill tastes like chalk.” It can also be used as a reference for any unpleasant truth such as, “I had to swallow the bitter pill about Linda’s infidelity.


The black and blue term is used to refer to injuries that are covered with a bruise, as well as those that would be left with a visible mark as a result of bruised skin. The term refers to both medical and non-medical contexts, such as the bruising of the skin following some form of abuse or injury, or bruises on an area of the body that has been subjected to some form of trauma.

The phrase “black and blue” is often used to describe a person’s skin or injury that may be discolored from a bruise. This may be the result of either physically fighting someone (possibly involving punches, kicks, and other physical contact), or verbally fighting with someone (highly likely if the phrases is being said in a fight). The term can also be used as a metaphor to describe the state of an idea, attitude, opinion, etc.

The phrase black and blue means discolored from a bruise, injured in a fight either physically or verbally. A bruise is an injury caused by blood leaking into tissues under the skin, usually as a result of trauma. When the skin is damaged, bruises form, which are dark patches of skin that will eventually fade. If you are bruised on your arms or legs, it’s likely because someone hit you there.

Black and blue refers to a discoloration caused by bruises. Bruises are injuries to the soft tissues of the body, which can happen in either physical or verbal altercations.

There has been a rise in the use of the term “black and blue” as an idiom for describing a person as bruised or beaten. The origin of this phrase comes from boxing, where some boxers wear black shorts and others wear blue shorts. “Black and Blue” is used as a metaphor to describe those who have been injured physically or verbally, such as in abuse or fighting.


A black market is a system of buying and selling illegal goods or goods at illegal prices or quantities. Black markets usually exist when there is a demand for a product, but the government restricts its trade in some way. One example is the Iranian sanctions in which the United States imposed an embargo on Iran in response to its nuclear program and missile capabilities.

The black market is a system of buying and selling illegal goods or goods at illegal prices or quantity. The market can be found in many different places because it is hidden from legal authorities. The black market is often seen as a quick and easy way to get money since it does not require many skills and does not require any official documentation, but the risks of being caught are much higher than other methods of getting money.

The term black market refers to a system of buying and selling illegal goods, usually at an illegal price. Illegal goods are contrary to the law. Black markets are used for anything that is not legal, including drugs or illicitly obtained services, such as prostitution or abortion. The black market can thrive in any country because it is fueled by demand.

Many buyers on the black market will use cash instead of credit cards so their purchase cannot be traced back to them by law enforcement officials.

A black market is a system of buying and selling illegal goods or legal goods at illegal prices or quantities. Black markets typically arise when the supply of a good, such as drugs or alcohol, falls below demand. Producers will then produce more of the good illegally to satisfy the greater demand and sell it “under the table” for higher prices in order to make a profit.

3 thoughts on “BITTER/HARD PILL TO SWALLOW, BLACK AND BLUE, and BLACK MARKET: American English Idioms #18

  1. Idioms :
    1 ) Bitter pill to swallow : I don’t like going to the market but I would have a bitter pill to swallow.
    2 ) Black and blue : The servant had been beaten black and blue by his owner.
    3) Black market : Student asked to the teacher that which country has the biggest black market ?

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