The bottom line is a term used in business, which is a slang phrase meaning “the most important point,” the conclusion, or the final summary. It can also refer to the net income generated by a company’s revenues and expenses, or to a type of accounting summary that shows how much money is actually left over from each sale after paying all of the costs.

A bottom line is a summary of a business’s financial status. It can be calculated by adding its income and subtracting its expenses.

A bottom line is the sum total of all of the income (profit) and expenses of an organization, which is used to make decisions about whether or not to continue with the company’s current project, product, or service. A bottom line may also refer to the net balance sheet that accompanies a country’s annual budget.

The bottom line is the final conclusion of an evaluation of your performance, which can be either positive or negative.

The bottom line is the essential or central point of an issue. It is the final conclusion at the end of a process, decision, or presentation of research.

Risks associated with investment are minimized by basing investments on a company’s underlying assets, including tangible assets such as property and inventories, and intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, and product goodwill.


The bottom of the barrel is the lowest quality, or cheapest possible, product available. This term typically refers to consumer products.

The bottom of the barrel is a metaphor that means the least desirable, worst, or worst performing. It is often used as an idiom meaning “the worst of all.”

This phrase has been around since at least the mid-19th century. The use of this metaphor for this meaning is believed to have come from barrels formerly used to store and transport goods such as flour and other dry goods which were often stored at the bottom.

The bottom of the barrel is a term used to describe the cheapest, most unprofitable aspect of an industry. Often this term is used to describe the lowest level of employees in an industry.

The bottom of the barrel is a metaphor for the last or least desirable item or person, as in “the bottom of the barrel to find an available babysitter”. It means that one has exhausted all other possibilities to find a better option.


Bottoms up! is the act of drinking alcohol in one shot. It is an informal way of saying cheers, meaning to also raise one’s glass in a toast.

Bottoms up! is often used as a toast and can be traced back to the late 18th century. The term likely originated among the seamen of that time who were accustomed to drinking liquor out of a bottom-up glass, especially when alcohol was scarce or cost too much.

Bottoms up! is a drinking game in which the person who flips the coin must drink once they lose their flip. This game is often played with many rounds, one for each participant. It can be played in private spaces or in bars by bartenders who are willing to serve alcohol to minors if they are supervised by an adult.

The phrase “bottoms up” usually refers to drinking alcohol until the glass, cup, or flask is empty. This can be done as a celebration for an occasion such as a graduation, birthday, promotion, etc.

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