To “carry a torch” for someone means to have romantic feelings for them, but not acting on them. Carrying a torch can refer to having romantic feelings for someone you are not in a relationship with. It can also be used as an analogy for someone carrying the emotional baggage of their ex.

Carrying a torch for someone means having a romantic relationship with that person. One might say that they’ve been carrying a torch or one might know someone who is carrying a torch for someone else, as it is sometimes used as an expression. The term can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome where the phallic symbol of the torch was used to represent fertility and power.

A person might “carry a torch” for someone when they have feelings for someone but cannot reciprocate those feelings. The person with the feelings does not want to settle for anyone else and pursues the other person as if they had nothing better to do.

A psychological phenomenon where one person develops an intense, irrational love for another person, in spite of any flaws or shortcomings they may have. The term comes from the ancient Greeks who would carry a torch to signify their love for their beloved.


The carry the ball idiom is used to describe someone who is taking on a lot of responsibility. This person could be in an executive position, or an individual who takes on special projects for their company, but the general idea is that they are overworked.

Carrying the ball means to take responsibility for a task as stated by White America. In order to carry the ball, one must have the mental agility and physical athleticism needed to execute a play on command, just as a football player would have to do on a successful run. The term is used mostly in reference to white men who are expected to be strong, assertive leaders with a clear understanding of their place in society.

An idiom is a phrase that people often use to express an idea. The phrase “carry the ball” means to be in charge, or to give orders.


This is a metaphor that means to give something highly valued, such as pearls, to someone who can’t appreciate it. The thought behind this phrase is that if one wants to get the best use out of something, they should find someone who will appreciate it and not waste it on people who can’t make anything of it. This phrase may be seen in modern culture when people would rather watch a movie on television than go to an expensive movie theater.

A common metaphor is the expression “casting pearls before swine.” This expression comes from a passage in Matthew 7:6, which says that “a man will be told all his deeds” and then “go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” In this phrase, the speaker is implying that if you offer something valuable to someone who does not appreciate it or deserve it, they will only trample on it and thus you are wasting your time.

A term that is used when giving information to someone who is not interested in it or does not understand it. The term means to waste nice things on unappreciative people.

It is an idiom originating from Matthew 7:6 which means not to waste one’s time or effort on someone who is incapable of understanding. It can also be seen as a metaphor for wasting valuable things such as money, energy, and time.

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  1. Hello, hind from Iraq.
    -carry a torch.
    You have romantic feeling

    -carry the ball.
    Used to describe someone who is taking on a lot of responsibility.

    -cast pearls before swine
    To give something highly valued.

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