The term “clean someone out” refers to a person being robbed of all their possessions. This often involves a thief who steals a person’s credit card and then purchases items that she or he can easily resell for cash, such as electronics.

If a person has a bank account and someone removes all the money from it, this would be called “cleaning them out.” This means that they have depleted their bank account by taking all of the money out.

Clean someone out is when one person steals everything from another person, leaving the other person without anything. This phenomenon often occurs when a cheater takes everything of value. The phrase clean someone out implies that the victim has been left with nothing to show for their life.

Clean someone out is to take all of their money, property, etc. Clean someone out is typically accomplished by aggressive tactics such as robbery or fraud. It can also be done by borrowing money or otherwise receiving financial help from the victim without providing any immediate means of repayment.

The term clean someone out has a variety of meanings, but typically relates to taking all of one’s resources through aggressive means such as robbery or fraud.


A phrase that is used when people are in an uncomfortable situation that needs to be resolved is “clear the air.” This phrase is often used to make things less tense or awkward.

Clear the air is a metaphor meaning to make peace after a fight. It was first used in 1866 by the American author and abolitionist Wendell Phillips. “We of this country must clear the air, and begin again as men free from all stain.

To clear the air is to cut through the heaviness and alleviate any confusion. This has been used by various groups such as politicians, churches, and families. Members of a political party may have a disagreement which could lead to their party not functioning properly. A church may find that there is some tension between the leadership and the congregation which could sever relations or cause people to leave.

We clear the air when we use it as a metaphor for talking about our feelings and discussing things that may have been bothering us.


Climbing walls is a term used to describe people who are very anxious. To climb the walls literally means that the person is feeling so anxious that they want to crawl up and down the wall, trying to distract themselves from their anxiety. When someone feels like they’re climbing the walls, it typically means that they feel trapped and uncomfortable and can’t think of anything else other than getting out of there as soon as possible.

Climbing the walls can be a figurative expression to describe feeling anxious and restless. The term may be used to refer to the sensation of wanting something—anything—to help one feel better and escape from what is causing anxiety, and it’s often used as a colloquialism for feelings of desperation.

The idiom “climb the walls” is usually used when someone is extremely anxious and restless. It may be used to describe the feeling of being bored, or trapped in a room with little to do. There is no concrete explanation for the origin of the phrase, but one plausible theory suggests it originated from prisoners who were confined to their cells and began climbing up and down the walls in boredom. The phrase is often seen in popular culture and media.

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