The idiom is used using the phrase “to eat out of someone’s hand” to indicate that they are in control of the situation, they have everything under their jurisdiction. The person who has this power over someone is the one with their hand. They are figuratively feeding them, controlling them, and can demand anything from them at any time.

Someone who is said to ‘eat out of someone’s hand’ is typically in a subordinate position and has complete trust with the person they are referring to. This may be due to a previous relationship, or perhaps because of how often they interact with each other.
It can also be used as an insult, implying that one party is exerting power over another without them truly caring about their well-being.

Eating out of someone’s hand is an idiom, meaning to be controlled by someone. This idiom is used when someone has the power to make another person do something they don’t want to do. They can also be offered a reward and refuse it and then quickly agree to do what they were asked.

The term “eat out of someone’s hand” can be interpreted as to have an easy time with something, because the person you are dealing with is so eager to please. It can also be used to show subservience.


Noun phrase idiom describing the shame or embarrassment someone seems to have after they are proven wrong. It is typically used in the sentence “to be embarrassed,” as in “He has egg on his face now.

Many people would like to make you feel silly, bamboozled, or embarrassed; they might ask an obtuse question, give you a disapproving stare, or give you a condescending pat on the back. One of the most common ways people might try to do that is by making you use complex academic jargon around them.

When someone has egg on their face, they’ll feel shame for an embarrassing mistake. For example, if one’s boss comes over and sees that you’re using a company laptop to watch Netflix instead of doing work, then there will be egg on your face.

If you have egg on your face it means that you are embarrassed or ashamed. If someone has egg on their face it can be in reference to when the person is embarrassed in public, embarrassed in front of friends, or in general embarrassed.


This idiom means that there is not much time left before an event happens. It can also be used to describe a situation in which time has run out, or the amount of time left to take action.

At the eleventh hour, a person is at their most desperate moment. The time before the last possible moment of being able to do something.

The phrase eleventh hour means to do something right at the last minute, which is not a good thing. The phrase is most commonly used in reference to someone coming up with an idea or solution just before it’s too late. In this sense, the eleventh hour refers to the 11th hour on a 12-hour clock which translates into 10:00 pm.

The idiom refers to the last moment before a deadline, especially a deadline for a contract. The metaphorical clock is striking eleven o’clock and the party who has been waiting until the eleventh hour will have to accept all of the terms.

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