The phrase “far cry from” is an idiomatic expression meaning “very different.” For example, “the political climate in the US is a far cry from the stable democracy we want to emulate.

A far cry from something idiom is a situation in which one thing is completely different from another, such as an expression or thought. For example, I used to be a vegetarian and now I eat meat. This may be a far cry from what you were expecting.

The idiom is often used to express a great difference. Far cry from something can be used to state that something is not close to the original idea of the phrase’s meaning.

The phrase “far cry from” has been used to indicate a significant difference between two things, as in it would be a “far cry from” the truth. The phrase is often used as an idiom to express one’s disappointment or disappointment to be told something that is unlikely or untrue.


A fat cat is a term used to describe the upper class of society. It is often considered a derogatory term for those who are wealthy and have no regard or empathy for others. The term “fat cat” is most commonly used in the United States, where it derives from the popular expression “I’m making money hand over fist.

A person who is considered to be wealthy and privileged, as well as someone who doesn’t care about the less fortunate. This phrase often has a negative connotation due to the negativity that people associate with those who are lazy or those who do not believe in helping those in need. Fat cat idiom is typically used to describe those people with lots of money that don’t share what they have.

This expression is used to describe a wealthy person who has more of a negative reputation, usually meaning “one who is greedy or has an excessive concern for the welfare of oneself”. The phrase is often used with a connotation of contempt.

A fat cat is generally someone who is wealthy and holds power. This idiom can be used to describe a person who does not contribute to the greater good and instead only benefits themselves.


A feather in one’s cap is something that makes someone look better, more desirable, or honorable. It can be a symbol of success. It’s often used as an idiom to talk about gaining confidence or prestige. It can also refer to being the first person to do something. For example, someone might say “I’m so proud of you for being the first person to graduate with this degree.” When someone has a lot of feathers in their cap, they are successful and accomplished.

The idiom “feather in one’s cap” is a phrase that is used to describe something that will help you or make you look better. It often refers to being given an award, being praised by someone important, or wearing clothing with expensive brands.

A feather in one’s cap is an achievement or success to be proud of or boast about. It can also refer to a prominent position that serves as an achievement.

The idiom feather in one’s cap can refer to an accomplishment that shines through, suitably enough, like a feather on a military hat. It can also refer to a person who has of record of many successes. The idiom is especially applicable if it is applied to one’s academic career – getting published or winning awards for one’s work at university.

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