Giving someone a taste of their own medicine is short for the phrase “to serve someone as they deserve.” This expression may refer to revenge, justice, or karma. For example, if someone bullies you and you make them feel the same way they made you feel, then that person may give you a taste of your own medicine.

The phrase “give someone a taste of his own medicine” is often used when someone is retaliating against another person. It is also often used when one individual has been wronged in some way by another, but the offended party chooses to give the offender a similar treatment. The use of this phrase can be attributed to an ancient Greek physician who wrote that revenge is sweet, and it’s good for your health.

This idiom is often used to describe someone who is doing the same thing that they are criticizing. Essentially, this means that they are getting back what they dished out. For example, if someone abuses their future spouse, then the person will also be abused in return.

Sometimes, even people who commit a wrong can experience consequences. The idiom “give someone a taste of their own medicine” means that the person should experience the consequences he or she deserves. For example, if a person is bullying other people, then other people should keep that in mind and bully him/her back.


A wide berth is a term that typically means to give more room to someone or something, giving them more space. This phrase can have different meanings depending on the situation, for example in sailing it means the distance between two ships. It can also mean to give someone or something some leeway or some extra time.

When making room for another person or thing, one should give them a wide berth. This is done with caution and consideration to ensure the belongings of others are not accidentally disturbed.

There is a popular idiom in nautical language which means to give someone or something a wide berth. This means to steer clear of the person or thing, as it may cause harm; to avoid close contact with them. It is often found in reference to dangerous animals, where the speaker would say “give them a wide berth” so as not to be harmed by them.

This idiom means that someone should give another person or thing a lot of room. This is typically used in sailing and the phrase implies that the boat will stay away from someone or something. Basically, if you give someone a wide berth, you’re staying as far away as possible from them.

Some sources suggest that this expression can also be used figuratively to refer to giving people the space they need to feel comfortable.

A wide berth is a polite phrase that means to “give someone plenty of space.” This phrase is often invoked when one boat has to pass another in close quarters. Typically, the boat with the wider (greater) width will give the other vessel the right of way, and if both boats are equal in width, then the boat on the starboard side will give the portside vessel a wide berth. This is done out of courtesy to avoid collisions or running over endangered aquatic life.


The cold shoulder idiom indicates a person being completely ignored by another person. This is often done between two people who are in an argument, but it can also be done to someone who has slighted another person. The receiver of the cold shoulder may be hurt or angry, depending on their relationship with the giver.

The meaning of “giving someone the cold shoulder” has many interpretations. It can be interpreted as an act of ignoring someone, specifically in reference to offering help or comfort. For example, if someone is upset, they may receive this response from another person who doesn’t want to get involved with their issues. This action can also be interpreted as a subtle form of punishment for something that the other person has done wrong.

The verb “to give someone the cold shoulder” is used to describe a deliberate avoidance of a person or people, usually as a result of a disagreement. It can imply that the other party was not wanted. The expression is often figuratively applied to times when one’s social life has dwindled and one may be much less friendly because of this.

The phrase “give someone the cold shoulder” can be used to describe someone who is shunned, but in this case it has the meaning of ignoring someone. It can also emphasize that someone does not want to engage in any social interactions with the person they are giving the cold shoulder to. The practice of giving someone the cold shoulder may stem from social exclusion, which would be a form of bullying.

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