How to Learn American English Idioms (Article 12)

This article is going to teach you how to master the idioms in American English. These phrases are common and often used incorrectly. Learning them will help you communicate more effectively with native speakers.

STEP 1: Read

The first step is to read. Read idioms in context. They are commonly used in conversations, so pay close attention to how they are used.

You’ll see the word “to be” followed by a verb. For example, “I was there.” You can then decide whether to use “to be” or “to have”.

STEP 2: Practice

The next step is to practice. Go through your reading list and choose one phrase for each day. After a few days of practicing, you’ll have built a solid vocabulary.

STEP 3: Take Quiz

Once you’ve mastered your vocabulary, it’s time to take the quiz. Choose the correct answer and then move on to the next question. If you get stuck, go back and review the idioms you’ve already learned.

STEP 4: Review

Reviewing is the final step. Look at the phrases you got wrong and try to figure out why. If you’re having trouble with a specific word, look up the definition and see if that helps.

STEP 5: Practice Again

Now that you’ve reviewed the phrases, it’s time to repeat the process. The goal is to improve your English skills by improving your vocabulary. This way you’ll be able to use these idioms correctly when communicating with native speakers.

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