The phrase “chicken” is likely to be used as a term for cowardice. It may also refer to someone playing the role of “chicken” in a game or activity, such as by agreeing to go first or last without flipping a coin. The word is also commonly used as an informal way of telling someone they should stop being so timid and do what they were too afraid to do before.

The idiom “chicken” is a word used to describe a person who lacks courage, fortitude, or nerve. When someone is “chicken,” they are not willing to make a decision or take action because they do not want to suffer the consequences of that decision or action. In short, they are afraid. There are many variations of this idiom in different cultures and regions. For example, the American term for chicken is coward, whereas in Scotland it’s timorous.

The idiom chicken is often used to symbolize someone who needs to make a choice and is afraid of making the wrong one. For example, if someone were to say “I’m not sure which way to go,” they would be saying that they are afraid of making a decision because it could turn out badly.

The expression chicken, which is typically used to describe a situation in which one person does not want to take risks or chances, may be derived from the fact that chickens are often raised for their meat and eggs. This term may have originated as a result of the risk-taking behavior required when raising chickens to produce these goods. Another common explanation for this expression is the fact that chickens are naturally timid and scared and unwilling to move at the first sign of danger.


When an individual chickens out, they are exhibiting a callous disregard for their own safety. Some people may have the need to take in all risks so they would not be considered to have chickens out.

To chicken out is to show fear or reluctance. Often the phrase is used in reference to someone who does not want to do something, but they are afraid of potential repercussions if they refuse. Other times it can be said simply as a euphemism for “giving up” on an idea or goal. It also implies that the person was bluffing and never had any intention of completing the task at all.

To ‘chicken out,’ is to be afraid to do something, typically because of the risk involved. This can be due to a fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, or fear of making a mistake.


A “chip off the old block” is someone who has attributes similar to their parents. A person looks up to their parents and wants to be just like them. The phrase can also be used as a sarcastic insult because it means that the person is too much like their parent, which could be seen as a negative thing.

The idiom “chip off the old block” derives from a phrase that signifies a similarity between generations, as in parents and their children. In this sense, it is often used to describe a person who has inherited some of the personality traits of an older relative, such as someone who shares their parent’s love for music or skill at hunting.

This phrase means that someone is very similar to their parent. One example of this is the children of celebrities, who often grow up with privilege and fame.

A chip off the old block is a phrase that can be used to our children or grandchildren may remind us of ourselves. It doesn’t imply that the child is otherwise different from his/her parents, but it does imply some similarity and continuity between generations.

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