Ways to Learn English (Article 2)

When learning a new language, the first lesson is the hardest. Learning a new language is a daunting task. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a few years now, and it’s still not easy. The good news is that once you get past that initial learning curve, it’s actually very easy to learn a new language. Here are some of the best ways to do it:

  • Interact with native speakers

If you’re not lucky enough to live in an area where people speak your target language, then you’re going to need to interact with natives. This can be as simple as watching a movie or TV show in your target language. If you can’t find one, you can always use Google Translate to translate it into English.

  • Watch movies and TV shows in your target language

 In order to learn how to pronounce words and grammar, you’ll need to watch movies and TV shows in your target language. It’s not enough to just listen to them, you need to see how they’re being spoken.

  • Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are great for learning new languages because they don’t require any additional effort on your part. You simply listen to the podcast and repeat what you hear. You can also use audio books.

  • Read foreign newspapers and magazines

There are many different online news sources that are available in multiple languages. The important thing to remember is that they all contain stories, so they should be helpful in helping you learn the language.

  • Look for a local language school

 If you can’t find a way to interact with native speakers or watch movies and TV shows, you’ll have to settle for language school.

  • Use an app

There are several apps available for people who want to learn a language. One of the most popular ones is Duolingo, which is free. It’s designed to make learning a language fun and easy, but there are others like Lingotica and Rosetta Stone that are also available.

  • Use a dictionary

A dictionary will help you understand how to read words in your target language. If you have trouble understanding how a word is being used in a sentence, you should look it up. You can use any kind of dictionary, but I recommend the Collins Cobuild Dictionary for beginners.

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  1. Way to learn English Article 2
    Learning a language can be a daunting task, you will need to interact with native speakers, also watching a good movie or tv show can be useful. You can always use a translator or dictionary, to translate words and sentences.
    These can be useful tools for apprenticeship: Watching movies or tv shows in your target language can be a good source to learn new words or listen to the pronunciation. Listen to the podcast, doesn’t require any effort on your part only repeat what you hear. You can also use ebooks. Read foreign newspaper and magazines, there are different available in multiple languages that contains stories and they should be helpful in your learning process. Look for local language schools, if you cannot find a way to interact with native speakers watch movies or tv shows, also you should tuition in an online language school. Use an app, such as Duolingo or Rosetta Stone also are available. Use a dictionary: If you have trouble understanding a sentence or word you could use Collins Cobuild Dictionary is highly recommended.
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