Ways to Learn English (Article 5)

This article outlines seven different ways that you can learn English online without spending any money.

STEP 1: YouTube

If you can find a video that shows you exactly what you need to know, watch it over and over until you’ve memorized the video. It doesn’t matter if the video is in English, Japanese, Spanish, or Chinese – just make sure it’s a video that will help you understand the language.

STEP 2: Skype

Skype is a great way to practice English because it has the same benefits of face-to-face communication. However, Skype isn’t as effective as using it in a classroom setting with a native speaker.

STEP 3: Online Forums

Online forums are a great place to practice your English skills, especially if you’re looking for people who speak English as a second language. If you use Google Translate, this can be a great tool for learning a new language too.

STEP 4: Books

If you’re looking for a book that teaches you English, try to find one that is written by someone with experience teaching English as a foreign language.

STEP 5: The Internet

The Internet is filled with tons of great resources, and you can find any type of resource you’re looking for on the web. For example, you can learn about any topic you’d like to know more about by reading articles and watching videos on sites like YouTube.

STEP 6: Online Games

Online games are a fun way to practice your English skills while you’re at work. There are tons of games out there that you can play to improve your vocabulary.

STEP 7: Social Media

The best way to practice your English is to use social media to connect with people who speak English as their native language. If you want to talk to someone who’s fluent in your language, posting in a language that you know will help you practice your language skills.

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